Freelance PHP full stack developer

With experience in front-end (HTML5, CSS3, JS) and back-end (REST APIs, Frameworks such as Laravel / Zend) and mobile apps (ionic development, phoneGap) I help create interactive solutions for a variety of clients.


As a javascript developer, I have experience with vanilla javascript or more advanced JS frameworks


Utilising php frameworks such as Laravel or creating bespoke code, I've written services supporting thousands of users, including REST APIs, e-learning applications and more


As well as providing development services, I can also help you decide strategic roadmaps via consultancy services.

Why choose me

There's lots of full-stack developers out there so why choose me?

Modern standards

Sometimes copy and pasting some jQuery plugins doesn't cut it. I can help create truly bespoke solutions based on requirements

Responsive Design experience

By using tailwind/bootstrap I ensure most projects work cross device out of the box

Available full time

This is my main job, so i'm available 9-5 on phone/email/Skype.

Reliable and trusted by clients

Whilst some freelancers go AWOL when the going gets tough, i've worked with agencies for years.

Built with Scalability

I can help advise the best methodology to ensure your project grows with you.

5-star Support

Sometimes building the site is half the work, i'm always around to provide ongoing support.

My Skills

For the majority of projects I am supplied designs/assets in figma/PSD format and am then tasked to create the rest of the product, using a CSS framework such as bootstrap with the backend created in a variety of languages

PHP development

I have over 15 years experience in PHP development, normally using Laravel or Lumen for creating bespoke products including invoicing systems, e-commercce solutions, or other projects requiring custom workflows


For more content focussed sites I use Wordpress to quickly and efficiently bring a project to life. I have extensive experience in custom wordpress and woocommerce development and have had wordpress work featured on Google TV adverts.

Modern front end development

Utilising CSS preproceesoers, CI build pipelines and everythign in between

Ionic and mobile App frameworks

I have experience in ionic / Cordova development including offline storage, geolocaton, camera access to help create mobile app MVPs


Years experience


Projects Delivered


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  • “Ian's constant attention to detail, relentless energy and ingenuity makes him a core member of our outsourcing team. He has a strong and positive work ethic that really does help gel our teams, this outwardly shows as all of our clients get the best joined up thinking, blending creative and technology with passion.“

    Kurt Özfiçici / Fresh01

  • “Ian has an attention to detail that is refreshing in programming/development. He acutely understands the purpose and effect the required technical development has on the business he works with. Ian has been one of the first developers I have worked with that has always delivered what he set out to, and in budget.“;

    Seb Lewis /Soletrader.com

  • “Feel Design have used Ian since 2008 as a developer and we have always found him to be a great person to work with. He has excellent communication skills and a wide range of experience and will always bring useful suggestions to the table.“

    James Blundell / Feel Design

Are you a startup or looking to form one?

If you're looking to create a minimum viable product (MVP) or want to test the waters with a new idea or concept, then get in touch. As well as working with a variety of startups to help create a product to seek funding, I am also a co-founder of OpenPlay, so have experience in both sides of the coin :)

I have also teamed up with a selection of other freelancers to offer a fixed price package to turn your idea into reality, and will be launching soon, contact me for more details.

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