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Hello! 👋 i'm Ian, and i've been working
hands on in tech for over 20 years.

Looking for a Senior Engineer, Tech Lead, Fractional CTO

Looking for help on your project?

I'm available for freelance work, and can help with anything from a small project to a full scale enterprise application.

Some of my recent work

END Clothing
I served as the tech lead for the redesign of .END clothing's flagship "launches" product, conducting an audit of the existing legacy Symfony/Angular JS application and converting to an event-driven system using PHP and TypeScript with NestJS, incorporating Lambdas and SQS.

I also introduced a streamlined single actions approach, implemented tools like Pint and PHPStan, enforced coding standards, and established automated build pipelines.
McKinsey / Shelton Fleming
I created a management platform to administer/create in person kiosk content for trade shows and events alongside an offline first Progressive web app which cached videos/images etc whilst allowing client to rebrand for different shows

Used in events for Hitachi and McKinsey, the tech stack included Laravel,AWS, alpineJS, web workers, indexDB and tailwind.
Shelter (UK Charity)
I was brought in to help with a legacy Laravel application, and to help the team with their transition to a new tech stack. Work included a review of existing codebase, infrastructure and build processes

Refactored code to allow a more structured approach and separation of concerns via action classes, DTOs and event architecture.
Parkopedia is become the world's leading parking service provider and I was hired to help with the development of their contactless fuel payment system.

Work included development of an asynchronous solution to help speed up response times, including data parallelisation tasks.
WithOthers was a music events platform helping connect artists and activists with fans utilising web3 tech.

As a co-founder I created v1 of platform from scratch including booking and recommendation tech, social tracking/intelligence tools and matchmaking system
SaaS marketplace and B2B booking platform focussed on the sport and leisure industry, I developed V1 of the system with clients such as Kings College, West Ham, LFC, Cheltenham and all major London parks. Launched product into International markets (UAE,Ireland,Singapore,Australia)

Architected V2 of platform and grew the tech team from 1 to 20 staff, Leading development of enterprise version of product - responsible for processing over £15 million in transactions per month and over 3 million users

Core Skills

Some of the things I can help you with.

Product engineering

Over the years I've had to wear many hats, especially in my own startups - I have a healthy understanding of product management and how it relates to engineering, and can help you with everything from product strategy to hiring and team building.

Front End development

Whilst i'll be the first to say that front-end is not my core focus, I have a solid understanding of modern front-end development and can help with everything from building a simple static site to a full scale SPA.

Architecture / systems design

I've been tasked with helping design and build systems for everything from small startups to large scale enterprise applications, and can help you with everything from choosing the right tech stack to designing a scalable architecture.


If you're looking for help mentoring junior developers, would like to get a code audit undertaken or just need some advice on a project, I can help.

Backend Development

I've been working with PHP for over 20 years, and have experience with everything from legacy PHP4 applications to modern PHP7+ frameworks and libraries. I can help with everything from building a simple API to a full scale enterprise application.

Deployment Processes

I've worked with single bare metal servers, large scale AWS deployments and everything in between. I can help you with everything from setting up a simple deployment pipeline to a full scale CI/CD solution.

Work Process

No two projects are the same, but I generally follow a similar process for each one.

If I can't help you, i'll tell you!

1. Discuss your needs over a call/zoom

2. Provide fixed price quotes where appropriate

3. Post go-live support as required

What People Say?

Ian's constant attention to detail, relentless energy and ingenuity makes him a core member of our outsourcing team. He has a strong and positive work ethic that really does help gel our teams, this outwardly shows as all of our clients get the best joined up thinking, blending creative and technology with passion

Kurt Özfiçici / Fresh01

Ian has an attention to detail that is refreshing in programming/development. He acutely understands the purpose and effect the required technical development has on the business he works with. Ian has been one of the first developers I have worked with that has always delivered what he set out to, and in budget

Seb Lewis / Soletrader.com

Feel Design have used Ian since 2008 as a developer and we have always found him to be a great person to work with. He has excellent communication skills and a wide range of experience and will always bring useful suggestions to the table

James Blundell / Feel Design


I'm available for new projects

+44 07817 581740
London, UK