Wordpress development

Wordpress based site for the UK's leading online youth broadcaster, I worked with Signal Noise to develop the sites core functionalities including youtube and twitter API integration using Laravel Framework.

  • Custom video player developed with Zend Framework
  • Custom wordpress plugins andtheme settings
  • Wordpress/ Laravel Framework powered

Idle Rocks

Backend wordpress with custom plugin development
frontend responsive HTML,CSS3

I was asked to create a bespoke wordpress solution encompassing a custom responsive design, including responsive slideshows, weather feed integration and custom plugin development.

The site also features a booking engine which was integrated with the booking button reservation API to allow customers to see live availability before being taken to a secure site for payment processing.


Frontend jQuery
backend Wordpress

I was tasked with creating a bespoke Wordpress site by Flatt Rapacioli Stormonth. Which allowed users to search and store various film and Magazine photo locations for easy access by visitors and registered users.

The site consists of a browsable list of properties, broken down into categories and tags, which the user can search for via various criteria. I developed various custom plugins to handle the search and storage of these listings including a members area, automatic PDF brochure generation and more.


e-learning tool

The product has been tailor-made to create an interactive, international travel educational tool that will be available to all Centrica employees. Promoting its duty of care, Centrica commissioned the tool as part of its commitment to employee safety while travelling abroad.

I worked on both the front-end development of the project ensuring cross-device compatibility as well as the asset and question management system to allow the client to update the application when required.


Custom front & backend development

Openplay can be described as toptable for sports facilities, it lets venues such as cricket clubs or five a side pitches sign up and offer online booking from our site or on their own existing site.

The site features advanced reporting, interactive calenders, flexibility pricing options and much more. Although only launched a few months ago the site already attracts over 30,000 monthly visitors and has processed over 20,000 bookings.

Maxwell Lucas

Custom development

An online e-learning travel security and information service, I was sub-contracted to develop the Maxwell Lucas site and app suite.

The site uses flash integration, Custom MapGIS UI powered by JQuery and a full course management reporting suite.

  • Database design and development
  • JQuery and mapserver integration
  • Laravel Framework 5.x

Lockheed Martin

CSS3/HTML5 Front end
Laravel Framework Backend.

Working with Fresh01, I helped develop a series of Security awareness applications for Lockheed Martin. The applications have been developed for use across a variety of devices including desktop, tablets, iPhones, android devices, Blackberries and Windows phone.

Each application includes various video and interactive learning scenarios and the courses are managed via a bespoke content management system.

The application has since gone on to be used by various other multinationals totaling over half a million staff.

National Chargepoint Registry

API development with Laravel Framework

Employed by Pod Point, I was tasked with exposing their electronic vehicle charging point dataset via the data.gov.uk initiative for the Department for transport. The registry includes API endpoints as JSON, CSV and XML

The project also included a management application for chargepoint providers to update information via a web based interface

Crazy Jack

Front/back end development

Working alongside a branding agency, I was taken on as a freelancer asked to develop the backend of a Nationwide Organic food range.

Work to the site included UI integration, custom CMS, recipe database, product listings etc

Redmaids School

Front/back end development

The oldest surviving girls' school in the country, I was sub-contracted out by workspeak to implement the schools new website.

Features include complex permissions based CMS, form builder, mobile version of site and form capture and reporting functionality

Investors in property

Front/back end development

I was asked to create a site for overseas chalet property specialists investors in property. The site incorporates a easy to user CMS and image management system alongside a members database of over 50,000 users.

Site was developed alongside SEO consultancy e-strategy and incorporates a campaign mailer solution.


Angular App

I was asked to create a cross device web app for soletrader.com's thousands of customers to use to help manage their websites and accounts. The app was developed using Angular 1.3 alongside a custom bootstrap 3 theme.

The app is powered by a custom REST API which in turn talks to various third party services and payment gateways including sugar CRM, Stripe and Mandrill

Mountain VIP

Angular App

I was approached by Investors in property to create a visually appealling cross device web app to help promote a series of high-end Ski properties for sale.

The site was build using angular and incorporates a members area and favourites functionality.

Realtime Reporting dashboard

Angular App
Firebase API

Currently in development, i'm working on a realtime reporting dashboard for OpenPlays facilities and activity providers allowing them to see a top level overview of every aspect of their presence on the site.

Functionality includes viewing of visitor and member interactions and drilldown reports on usage, all powered using firebase's API via an angular JS touch based interface

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If you're looking to create a minimum viable product (MVP) or want to test the waters with a new idea or concept, then get in touch. As well as working with a variety of startups to help create a product to seek funding, I am also a co-founder of OpenPlay, so have experience in both sides of the coin :)

I have also teamed up with a selection of other freelancers to offer a fixed price package to turn your idea into reality, and will be launching soon, contact me for more details.

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